Board of Directors

The direction and management of the affairs of the School, and the control and disposition of its properties and funds is vested in the Board of Directors. The Board has delegated the general charge and supervision of the business, property and affairs of the School to the Head of School, who functions as the Chief Executive Officer of the School.

Under the ultimate direction of the Board, the Head of School sees that all policies, orders and resolutions of the Board are carried into effect. The Board carries out all relationships with the school employees through the Head of School.


If you have questions or concerns that you would like to address with the BCA Board, please email them directly at  Please allow 48 hours for a response to emails.




Vim Head has bachelor’s degrees in finance and economics from Southwest Texas, and has served as the CEO of several surgical center companies in the metropolitan Houston area for the past decade.  He serves on the boards of several other non-profit organizations and has a passion to see children thrive and for them to fully understand the liberty and Christian freedom that American children should have.  His wife Sarah shares this enthusiasm and have two young men that attend Berean Christian Academy.


Mark Risinger

Mark Risinger was born and raised in Houston, Texas.  His career as an  IT professional has spanned many industries, from public school districts, local government, Oil and Gas, and now Hospitality.  He and his wife, Jacqueline, love Berean Christian Academy, and are thrilled that God has blessed them with the privilege of serving BCA for the past five years.  Their three children are currently enrolled in BCA, and as a family they are looking forward to God's future blessings and provisions for Berean Christian Academy.

Ryan Peeples.jpg


The Peeples family has attended BCA since 2017. Ryan served as a board member in 2019/2020, was the COVID-19 contact throughout the pandemic and returned to serve as a board member in 2021. He is a Texas A&M graduate from the class of 2004, where he earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering. Professionally, he has worked in oil and gas at the same company since graduating from A&M. He handles operations and supply chain and has a great deal of experience in business development and corporate growth. He is a deacon at Second Baptist 1463, where he and his wife Amy serve as four-year-old Sunday school teachers.



Jared Isham and his wife have three sons, two of which attend BCA with their third anxious to join his brothers when he's old enough.  Jared has a Bachelor's from Liberty University and an MBA from the University of Texas.  He started his professional career in investment banking in New York and since then has worked in private equity and senior management.  The Isham family are grateful to be a part of the BCA family and share in its conviction to bring up students who make much of God.


Amara Okafor

Amara Okafor has been affiliated with BCA since 2019, when her 2 older boys started at BCA. She and her husband Francis are blessed with 3 children all of whom now attend BCA. They came to BCA with the hope of partnering with the school when it comes to raising their boys in the knowledge and fear of the Lord. She obtained a bachelor of science degree in Petroleum Engineering in 2005 a Master of science degree from Texas A&M University. Amara has worked for Ryder Scott Company an Oil and Gas Consulting firm located in downtown Houston for the last 6 years. She has been in the industry for over 15 years and has worked for 2 other multinational energy companies before her current position.

The Okafors attend Grace Fellowship Church, Katy, where she has been serving as a kindergarten teacher for the last 3 years. She is happy to be serving on the board and is excited about the mission of BCA. Her prayer is that each student will come to know Christ as their Father and friend through this ministry.