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Berean Christian Academy is focused on creating a strong educational foundation which builds upon skills and knowledge each year creating a higher-ordered thinking as the child grows. Please check our in depth curriculum summary to learn more about our unique approach to education.

The Integration of Subjects 


The connections between subject areas are fully explored as opposed to the segmented practices currently used in today’s conventional education system. Integration of subjects lends to better understanding of the “big picture” and how we, as a culture, are a product of the past.

  • During the 2nd-6th grades of Grammar, History is instructed in a chronological timeline format, starting with Ancient Civilizations progressing to Modern day. This chronological approach is repeated in 7th-9th grades, and again in 10th-12th grades. Each cycle builds and deepens a student’s knowledge, understanding, and application of History.

  • In the Grammar stage, scientific concepts are introduced using history as its guide, corresponding with the historical time period that the student is studying in class. Students study the great scientist and discoveries of the era in focus, incorporating Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics, and Astronomy into each year.  Weekly nature studies develop the student’s curiosity and observation skills while experiments and the practice of the scientific method bring practical application to the lessons. Beginning in the Logic stage, students study formal Earth Science, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

  • Bible is studied each year chronologically with a future focus on theological concepts and apologetics. Hymn studies, Catechism, and scripture memory are built into each day.

  • The great artist and musical composers of history are explored in relation to the historical timeline as well. Students then practice these modeled techniques and exercise their own creativity as their appreciation for the arts grow. 

  • Singapore Math is instructed in the Grammar Stage through the spiraling of concepts, starting with hands on manipulatives (Concrete), to ideas on paper and bar graphs (Pictorial), and then algebraic thinking (Abstract). This is a time tested method to achieve mastery of mathematical concept with rigor and application. Singapore Math helps develop metacognition (the ability to verbally express why or how a student came to a given answer.)  Please see the graph and link below for further information on Singapore Math. Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus follow in the Logic and Rhetoric stages

Why Singapore Math

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, the United States ranked #40 in developed countries in math, while Singapore ranked #1. We feel confident that the study of Singapore Math at BCA will be a great asset to our students. PISA Scores

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