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Classical education is one of the oldest forms of education with a foundation in Judeo-Christian culture. Until around 1850, it was used almost exclusively throughout Western Civilization for millenia and was most formally developed in the Middle Ages. This style of learning has produced some of the world’s greatest thinkers, inventors, entrepreneurs, and leaders, such as Augustine, Socrates, Luther, and many of our founding fathers. Why? Because this model does not simply teach students what to learn; it trains the mind in how to learn. It cultivates critical thinkers that are lifelong learners seeking out truth, goodness, and beauty in every aspect of their existence. 

The Classical Approach

to Education

Informational Videos and Resources

Watch influential speakers and writers discuss Classical Christian education and

cultural trends in the world today from the Classical Difference Network!

How do students that have had a classical Christian education fair once they graduate?

Check out the below video and the accompanying report to see for yourself.

Practical Results

Whether it’s the college readiness index, Verbal, Math, or Writing SAT performance, or ACT scores, students at ACCS member schools score above all other types of schools— public, religious, and even independent.  Independent schools are typically college preparatory schools that charge an average of $20,000 per year.*  

While you might expect our students to excel in verbal and reading scores, our schools were also the top performing in math.  And, our schools place students in nearly every selective college in the country.


* Source CAPE Average private school tuition: Table 205.50 Digest of Educational Statistics, NAES.

To see how Berean Christian Academy implements this model at a student’s various stages of development please read, “Our Approach

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