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Berean Christian Academy’s top priority is to maintain a safe, healthy and nurturing school environment for our students and staff. Please know the local, state and national requirements and data are constantly changing. We are monitoring the changes and  as more information is released by our health and local officials our procedures may change. Please read the preliminary information highlights below and check back often for updates. Please also reference the full COVID-19 Policies and Procedures document for further details and information. 

Public Health Resources

All staff and students will be required to do a self-screen before coming to school each day.

This will mean honestly evaluating yourself to see if you have any COVID-19 symptoms and

taking your temperature before coming to school.

Teachers will implement an even more rigorous, mandatory cleaning routine, and all frequently touched surfaces and objects will be sanitized regularly throughout the day. These include, but are not limited to: learning materials,  light switches, door handles, student desks, bathrooms and chairs. A contracted cleaning service provider will further sanitize, clean, and disinfect classroom surfaces, restrooms, and hallways to an even higher degree of cleanliness and disinfection after hours. Hand sanitizing stations will be strategically placed throughout the campus along with implementing more frequent hand washing.


If a student (or member of their family) contracts COVID-19 or needs to quarantine for

a period of time due to exposure to a confirmed case, we will provide distance learning

material for that family while they are unable to attend in person. No Junior-Kinder or

Kindergarten students will be required to participate in virtual platforms. However,

online resources or videos will be made available to parents as a resource to use if needed.

Berean Christian Academy reserves the right to amend or strike any of the policies or procedures stated above with the exception of Governor mandates that apply to all Texas citizens. Any amendments made to this document will be communicated to BCA families at that time.

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