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Tuesdays: 3:00 - 4:15 PM, Grades 2 - 4; limit 3 students

Wednesdays: 3:00 - 4:15 PM, Grades 5 and older; limit 5 students

Cost: $195/student/semester

Introductory Sewing


Description: In this class students will be introduced to the life skill of hand and machine sewing. Skills introduced will be sewing safety, hand sewing, parts of a sewing machine, and construction of simple products.  The students will be using sewing pins, needles, scissors, and machines, and other tools that will require attention and maturity to handle.  This is a skills class, and students should not expect to bring home a finished product from each class. 


*** A sewing machine will be required for this course - please talk with Mrs. Muras before purchasing a machine just for this class.


Maximum number of students:  5


Payment will be made directly to Mrs. Muras. 

Sheryl Muras 281-782-3401

Sheryl Muras is a retired Kindergarten teacher who taught for 28 years in Pasadena ISD and SealyISD. After retirement she taught sewing to girls and teaches sewing to women at her church. Sheryl attended Jacksonville Baptist College, Stephen F. Austin State University earning a BS in Home Economics, and University of Houston/Clear Lake. She is an active member of Katy’s First Baptist Church where she works with children and in the Women’s Ministry. During her free time Sheryl enjoys spending time with her two grandchildren, reading, and finding new projects for Denis, her woodworking husband.

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