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Trina Stegemann


Trina Stegemann holds a Business degree from Sam Houston State University, and a Master's degree in Teaching from the Relay Graduate School of Education. She loves math, reading fiction and non fiction, outer space, and any subject that she can marvel at God's wonder through. She did not originally start out in teaching, but soon learned that God wanted her in the classroom. Trina enjoys being a continual learner, playing sports and teaching fitness classes. It has been her privilege to love, encourage, mentor and guide young minds, and she is excited to continue the journey at BCA (with her two children!), where God is the center of all things.


Jackie Risinger


Jackie grew up in east Houston and attended the same small Christian school from kindergarten through 12th Grade.  She and her husband, Mark first met each other in that school during high school.  Jackie received a BA in Biology from Baylor University and a DVM from Texas A&M University.  After a brief time spent practicing in Arizona, she and Mark decided to restructure their lives so she could be a stay-at-home mom instead, a decision they have never regretted.  They now live in Katy with their three children, all of whom proudly attend Berean Christian Academy. The Risingers are members of West Houston Bible Church where they have attended since 2012.  Jackie has enjoyed playing the piano since she was six years old.  She was invited to teach Music to BCA students in 2017 and has loved it ever since.  Jackie is grateful for the privilege of serving the wonderful students of Berean Christian Academy every week.  She prays each lesson will direct students to God.  In class they will learn about God’s beautiful gift of music and about His most precious gift, our Savior, Jesus Christ.


Laura Thompson


Laura Thompson has been teaching P.E. with the Berean Christian Academy family since its beginning. She enjoys having the opportunity to identify certain needs at our school and adapt the P.E. curriculum to those needs. In addition to teaching, she also loves to learn. Laura is studying towards a Masters in Biblical Counseling at Dallas Theological Seminary. It is a passion of hers to walk alongside people on their quest to reflect God’s image to the world. BCA is a place where her children’s faith in the gospel is challenged and strengthened as they wrestle with their doubts and galvanize their beliefs. She believes it is a privilege to be on this journey with the Berean team whose mission is to draw near in service of each other and the community. Laura's children, Ben and June, both attend BCA and her family loves being involved at the school. Laura and her family live in Richmond with their 3 dogs, Riggins, Rosie, and Roo. They love to play outside, grow a garden, and ride bikes together. 


Laura Sullivan


Laura Sullivan was born in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, and grew up riding horses, climbing trees, and drawing everything around her.  She has been painting since she was 7 years old with her grandfather, who was a great artist.  He taught her techniques, and believed that great artists paint what they are passionate about. 

Laura has been married for 20 years, and has a beautiful daughter at BCA. She loves the creation of God, especially painting birds, trees, and mountains.  God is the best artist! Just look around at His creation! Sometimes when she prays, God brings to her mind pictures, and she paints them. God has given her a gift for painting his beautiful creation, and she loves to teach that to others. The best way to enjoy His gifts is to share them with others. 


Allison Rudd


Allison grew up in Virginia where she attended Longwood University and earned her bachelors in Kinesiology Exercise Science and a Masters in Health Education from Virginia Tech University. After graduating she held various coaching and personal training jobs. Allison and her husband Rowdy moved to Texas in 2012 where they started their family. After having children Allison chose to be a stay at home mom for several years. Her two daughters currently attend Berean Christian Academy and the school has been a tremendous blessing to their family! Allison is grateful for the opportunity to serve at BCA and share her passion for health & child development through the Ready Body Learning Minds Program!

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