2020 Summer Reading Lists

The following are a list of recommended books by grade level to enhance your child's summer reading. Please use this as a resource and know that it is not mandatory. 


Play with Legos and listen to Classical music. Believe it or not, these are 2 of the best things you can do to increase your math skills. 


Each BCA child came home with consumable math books (Workbook, Intensive Practice, and Challenging Word Problems). The “Intensive Practice” books and the “Challenging Word Problem” books have all the answers in the back. Have your student work on this throughout the summer.


Singapore Math Live is an online recording of a master teacher working out and explaining every math problem in any of your student’s math books. Click on the link, put in the username and password, select “Primary Math Recordings,” and then your child’s grade. Or select “CWP Recordings” for the Challenging Word Problems recordings.

(Please reference the Parent Portal for a reminder of the log in and password.)


Listen to Multiplication Facts Songs

Multiplication Facts - 1s
Multiplication Facts - 2s
Multiplication Facts - 3s
Multiplication Facts - 4s
Multiplication Facts - 5s
Multiplication Facts - 8s
Multiplication Facts - 9s
Multiplication Facts - 10s
Multiplication Facts - 11s
Multiplication Facts - 12s
Multiplication Facts - 6s
Multiplication Facts - 13s
Multiplication Facts - 7s
Multiplication Facts - 14s
Multiplication Facts - 15s

2020 Summer Math Aides



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